However hard the situation is, we shouldn’t lose our heart, because we have our dreams. Our dreams are always glorious. We also have enthusiasm that will make our dreams come true. But we must have the willingness to work hard, since if we work hard, some miracles will happen. Nothing good will happen without our hard work.


  What’s more, when we are unhappy, we can think about our dreams, so that we will be more enthusiastic. When we are defeated, we should stand up and say,” I’m not a failure.” Please remember, ” Anything is possible to a man who has a strong determination.”


  These are challenging times when we lose faith in the world and even in ourselves. xiaogushi8.com Most of us think that we are in control of our lives or destiny1, but it is not always like that. It is time for us to look inward and find our inner power.


  We truly have everything in our lives to make us happy, but we have trouble recognizing it. Happiness does not come from material things, money or the love of an admirer. Yes, material things can make us happy; money is something nice to have; love from another person can bring lots of pleasure, but real happiness comes from our own minds. It is the art of being you.


  You can’t have everything you want, but you can have happiness by accepting all the good things in your life. The time we have on this earth is limited3, so take time to enjoy and appreciate a hot shower, the smell of a rose, the laughter of children and the feeling of the warm summer sun on your skin.


  The art of being you is to feel the gratitude4 and peace of being alive. Take a quiet moment to thank everything for allowing you to live on the earth to discover happiness. Once you do this, you will know the great value of the art of being you. What more can you ask for?


  It was a classic night. The noisy Mexico City gradually calmed down. The main stadium of Olympic track and field competition was enveloped in the darkness.

  After he finished making the scenes the marathon winners received the trophies and marked the victory, Greenspan, the world famous newsreel producer, found the stadium empty. It was time for him to return to the hotel for a rest. He was about to leave when he suddenly saw a bandaged man with his right leg stained with the blood ran into the stadium. This man ran lamely out of breath, but he didn’t stop. After he ran along the runway for a circle and got to the goal, he collapsed on the ground…

  Greenspan guessed this was a marathon athlete. Out of curiosity, he went over to ask why the athlete wanted to run to the goal with such a difficulty.

  The young man called Kowari from Tanzania replied gently, “That my country sent me here from more than 20,000 kilometers is not let me get off the mark in the competition, but makes me complete the game. I want to run to the goal, though I have fallen behind all other runners, but I have a sacred goal like them: I will run to the goal. Though the audience won’t cheer me any more, my motherland is watching me intently from behind…”

  Tears welled up in Greenspan’s eyes. Soon, he spread the most touching scene in the history of the Olympic Games to every corner of the world.

  Life should have a dream of reaching the peak, yet we should understand not everybody has the ability to do it.The most important is not whether we can reach the peak but whether we have made the greatest efforts-to reach the goal in the mind is a success.